3 Tips to Make AdWords a Success for Your Local Business

Looking to make your AdWords campaign more effective?
When used correctly, Google AdWords has the power to massively boost your traffic and sales. However, there are a lot of mistakes and ineffective methods you could be using that are ruining your chances of success.
Not only that, but you run the risk of draining out your advertising budget, which can be detrimental.
If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the true benefits of this useful tool, the 3 tips below will help…

1. Ensure you’re targeting local customers
One of the key benefits of AdWords is that it allows businesses to target consumers based in specific locations. Local businesses would have a lot more success if they focused largely on local customers. Set your target distance to say 10 miles and go from there. With the local campaigns you can also set your ads to show on specific days and at exact times. It’s worth doing a few test runs to see which days and times work best for your local customers.

2. Pay for your brand
When figuring out which keywords and phrases to target in your campaign, it helps to include your actual brand. Sure, fewer people will actually search for your brand name, but the ones who do are much more likely to convert. It’s also highly specific to your site, so the ads aren’t going to cost you as much. What happens if you don’t target your brand name? Well, one of your competitors could. If this happens, even if you manage to rank first organically for your services, your competitor could still show up before you if the consumer types in your actual brand name.

3. Keep your keywords relevant
Google largely rewards those who ensure their ads are relevant and tight. This means, focusing on keywords that are specific to both your business and what the consumer is actually searching for. How are you rewarded? Well, along with higher conversions, you’ll also pay less for the ads you create. So as well as making more money, you’ll be saving more money too.

These 3 simple tips can have a massive effect on the success of your AdWords campaign. However, they are just scratching the surface. There are a lot of factors to consider when creating and running an AdWords campaign in order to ensure its success.

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